Friday, May 28, 2010

28 . 05 . 2010


is been a long time since i last update my blog. earlier i feel kinda lazy to update my blog. XD exams stressed me out . argh. been studyin for the past 2 weeks. still got 2 more days to go. perdagangan 2 & accounts 1.

parents took me to queens to released my tension and stress. when reach queens... went to take ticket. daddy booked already last night. while waiting saw some people. wa.... see liao beh tong nia. then go neway see.... wa.... so so beautiful and nice. haha. cant wait to go with my friendsssss XD after the movie. went to alot of shops to see dresses. all also very nice but too sexy le. cant wear to church. so end up went to ELLE to see. found the dress i wanted. pictures will be uploaded. then went to watch ROBIN HOOD ^^ kinda nice. after that go nando's to eat my lunch and i went to purchase the dress. RM 159 le. thank you mummy XD then went skin food to buy nail polish RM 15.90 XD spend so much today. wanted to buy shirt but cant find suit me wan. so end up didnt buy. around 4 come back home le.

you are my sunshine
i look weird but the dress looks good
my reflection

Saturday, April 17, 2010

i am SoRrY

firstly i am sorry i let you girls down. i know we have been practising for the past months. i wanted to go. but i am having high fever yesterday. during school last few periods i am not feeling very well. then when i reach home totally no appetite. so went to bed. when i wake up. feel very very cold outside but inside i am burning hot. then my father check say i having fever 38.5 . then i cant go tuition. i thought after resting will be find. so i take panadol. after 4 hours my fever come again. then today early morning take me go see doctor. he say i am having throat infection. so thats why i am having high fever. then he say rest at home. he will give me MC. he say i cant go stand under hot sun. my condition will get worse. then i tell my parents i must go stadium if not will disqualified. they say you know your condition like that summore wan go stadium. wan die izit??? they say your body not like others.... bla bla bla... i wanted to go so badly but i cant. i am sorry. if you guys are really mad at me. there's nothing i can say. but i hope girl guides will win this year.

i am truly deeply sorry

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


chinese new year + valentine's day + our 2nd month anniversary.

went out with hubby to gurney. and zac be philips. haha. receive a rose + a note from dear. thanks ya hubby. pictures are all in facebook.


dear's sister birthday + 2nd day of chinese new year.

have a blast with dear's family. all also very friendly and cute. XD haha. pictures are all in facebook.


today kinda bored lo. dear kinda busy. when dear free i am tired and went to sleep. sorry hubby. and i dont know why i feel that they are different. is it true??? or am i thinking too much??? i will try to go on friday.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rest In Peace

i am really sorry to hear about what happen yesterday. dear treat me cold i thought what happen. i finally understand after he told me the news. they are dear's friend. eventhough i dont know them but i feel very sad and sorry. feel that is too early le. jason's gf is one of my tuition friend last time. i feel very sad and i cant imagine how she will feel. but stay strong crystal. today they found another 2 body. there are 2 more to go. hope for the best. keep on searching till the end. for the friends and family for the boys i am sorry to hear what happen but please do stay strong. your son/ your friend/ your lover dont wan to see you sad like this. stay strong for him. rest in peace jason, brendon, yi zhang and the teacher. may GOD bless all of you.

with love,

Sunday, January 17, 2010


last few days i suddenly feel everything is changing around me. i dont know why but is changing. not to better but worst. feel very hurt and sad. he dont used to be like this, maybe he is stress and tension for what his family gave him. i also dont know what to do anymore. i am confused. really sorry dear. maybe i dont understand you well. i hope i will but i am still learning. hope that everything will be back like last time. only laughter. no sadness or pain. almost everyday my heart get hurts. it's very pain but there is nothing i can do to stop the pain because i love him too much already. dear i dont know whether is i am changing or you are changing. i feel very confused. i dont even know what am i doing anymore. basketball is more important i guess. no more comments. pictures of yesterday will be uploaded other time

Sunday, January 10, 2010

simple post for this week XD

it's been a long time since i update my blog le. school reopen le less online, less play more on studies. i am studying i think everyday after school. haha. guai hor??? thanks to lao gong lo. haha. love the friends and the people around me. love my family, my dear and my friends. miss dear alot le. school reopen will not meet dear so often but lucky go to same BM tuition. fun right my tuition dear??? somemore got so young eh sir. zhun lo. XD but i misses dear dear alot lo. hearts you. i cant live without you, you are my everything. you are the air for my to breathe. just a short post. pai seh ya lao gong. lao gong . . . lao po 愛你

park royal & gurney [3rd jan]

my hair is still wet.
at hard rock [ m. jackson ]

missing my lao gong
toilet XD
vain me
too far
thanks to daddy

doing creep
deserts XD

types of bread

chocolate fountain
main dish 1
main dish 2
my desert
me & her
thanks to the clown
my darling parents ^^
happy family
booo XD
so bright >< mine mine
me with my dinner
daddy's dinner
cousin's dinner